“For many of our people fitness training has become their sport–a sport where the aims are simply to become as fit as possible.” – Coach Greg Glassman
Our Coaches are more than the person that yells “Drop and give me 20 Burpess!!!”… Although some members like that kind of tough love, We are a family first. There is not one Coach in this Box that has not contributed in some way to the success of CrossFit Kingdom. We’ve had CrossFit Kingdom for four years now, opened several locations, and had to move. Now, were here in the heart of Westchester and are grateful to have found an honest family environment here in our hometown. Our Coaches are an appendage of us and represent that family dynamic we try instill in both our Coaches and Members. We strive to maintain a close personal relationship with each and every member and if by the end of the week a Coach doesn’t know your name and what your fitness goals are, then you can be the one to yell “Drop and give me 20 Burpess!!!”… Lol. Thank you to all of our Coaches and our Coaches in Training for all of our love and support.