1. Every athlete MUST have a jump rope.  It is an important element for the programming at Crossfit Kingdom.  We have plenty in stock if you wish to purchase one from us.  You may also purchase one someplace else, ask your coach what type of jump rope is best for you.
    • Any athlete that does not have a jump rope when we use them must do 25 burpees.
  2. Remember when posting pictures to Instagram include @crossfitkingdom and #crossfitkingdom.
  3. Feel free to check in on all social media; Facebook, Foursquare etc.
  4. Supplement Store is coming soon!  Ask for details in the office.
  5. Every 2nd Wednesday of the month there is a Crossfit Kingdom Social at Latin House on Sunset & 97th Ave.  Please join us for a night out of fun!  They have plenty of Paelo choices.
  6. Yoga is every Tuesday and Thursday @ 9:00, Saturday @ 8:30 am.
  7. We have new additions for your recovery fuel; G-Butter, Kill Cliff, and Cliff Bars are available for sale.